About Us

Nehra Classes® is one of the top IT Training channels on YouTube well recognized for its quality training at very nominal charges. Nehra Classes is the first channel on YouTube that covers all Linux certification courses in Hindi as well as in English.

Since 2018, Nehra Classes has provided individual & corporate training with a predominant learning experience under the mentorship of Vikas Nehra Sir. Nehra Classes is the largest training service provider in various engineering domains for all engineering students as well as for working professionals. It has extensive experience in nurturing over the past few years.

For us, education is not a business but a service. Our aim is to bring change to the life of an individual through his/her career growth by developing the skills which are required by the IT industry at a very nominal fee so that each & everyone can afford this training to fulfill his/her dreams.

Nehra Classes has specialization in EDUCATION, training, DEVELOPMENT, CONSULTANCY & IT SUPPORT. We provide specialized training in leading technologies like Linux, DevOps, Ansible Automation, Shell Scripting, Servers, C Language & Flutter. Nehra Classes has a very committed team consisting of technical trainers who are continuously guiding, mentoring, admonishing, and coaching the trainees by providing them with exclusive personalized attention, which helps them to develop solid industry-oriented knowledge.

The modern education system (especially in college education), consists of about 80% theory with little exposure to real-life situations and hands-on experience. In this system, the focus is still more on issuing degrees or diplomas and less on skill development & knowledge. The training and development skills needed for jobs offered by industry are immensely distinct. The students do not get career goals and objectives due to inappropriate education which makes them unemployable and the organizations face a lack of efficient workforce.

It is a challenge to bridge this gap, therefore we focus more on practicals and hands-on experience to gain practical knowledge & acquire the skills which are required by the industry. All of our courses are completely based on practicals and designed logically which makes learning easy, in-depth, and effective so that you can face industry challenges in live projects.

"Igniting The Minds" is our tag line, which means our trainers focus on radiating the knowledge, making complex topics interesting through real-life examples, and giving trainees the confidence to think beyond.

It is not mandatory that working professionals will have to leave their job in order to join Nehra Classes. Students, as well as working professionals, can contact us anytime whenever they want to clarify their doubts. Nehra Classes believe in the philosophy that "Dreams don't work unless you take action, the surest way to make your dreams come true is to live them."

Therefore, join Nehra Classes now and feel the difference.