Our Vision/Mission

Our mission is to empower each & every individual which wants to excel his career in IT industry. We are trying to create a platform,  where everyone can learn in their own native languages, according to his situation. All of our courses are completely based on practicals and designed logically which makes learning easy, in-depth and effective so that people can face industry challenges while working in live projects. “Igniting The Minds” is our tag line, which means our trainers focus on radiating the knowledge, making complex topics interesting through real life examples and give trainees the confidence to think beyond. We are determined to deliver our training programs in Hindi/English Language only. Our focus is to provide high-end technical trainings to the rural and remote part of India, where they do not have good learning resources.

Our Mission
Nehra Classes will breed in the appreciation and dignity we command, through establishing and dominant in the adequate arrangement of technology and skill. Nehra Classes will explore to play an essential part in the oversight and formation of technology and skills for the profit of humanity. We are committed:
• To promote career-construction by creating contingency that appeal education, thinking and modernization from each one of us.
• To donate to the growth of management building and thus derive dignity, faith and emotional ownership.
• To promote Technical education in India and abroad.
• To create value and make a difference in the field of education & training.
• To provide sustainable, advanced technology solutions and services to our clients.
Nehra Classes provides trait education and training that permit a distinct learners community to accomplish their educational objectives. Trainers are devoted to teaching, admonish, and knowledge. Nehra Classes team work to deliver the best technology training and facilities. Nehra Classes provoke new knowledge by alluring in cutting-edge research and to bolster students and expert expansion by offering assorted training programs. To commence collative projects which endeavour contingency for long-term cooperation with academe and organizations.