Founder Message

It is my privilege to welcome you as the Founder of Nehra Classes. The idea of starting Nehra Classes Youtube channel came in my mind when I started my journey to build the career in IT sector. At that time, I personally felt that all of the IT courses are very expensive, complex & not available in native languages like Hindi. Many of institutes are running their businesses in the name of such courses, charging huge fee and not caring about the quality of trainings. At that time such content was not available at platforms like Youtube also, institutes were providing few tutorials on Youtube just to show case their brands. So at that time I decided that one day I will do something for other people in society and bring quality content which will be easy to understand at negligible charges & especial in Hindi language. “Nehra Classes” is the result of the same but it did not happen overnight. It is the result of my continuous efforts which I have been putting in since last couple of years. It was a very difficult & risky decision to left the job and start contributing for others without any source of income. But I knew that success can’t be achieved through shortcuts, if you want to bring positive change in the life of others, you have to do the hard work in the right direction and overcame the obstacles at your own. Now, our efforts have started the give results but this is just the beginning. We know that with great power comes the great responsibility this is time where we need to put more efforts and keep going. Now several courses on our channel are freely available and several are very nominal monthly charges which are even less than school tuition fees. Modern education system (especially in college education), which consists of about 80% theory with little exposure to real-life situations and hands-on experience. In this system, focus is still more on issuing degrees or diplomas and less on skill development & knowledge. The training and development skills needed for jobs offered by industry are immensely distinct. The students do not get career goals and objectives due to inappropriate education which make them unemployable and the organizations face lack of efficient workforce. It is a challenge to bridge this gap, therefore we focus more on practicals and hands on experience to gain practical knowledge & acquire the skills which are required by the industry. All of our courses are completely based on practicals and designed logically which makes learning easy, in-depth and effective so that you can face industry challenges in live projects. Purpose of this our channel is to empower you and make you employable. In our training courses, you will get all the latest technology trainings at minimal fee Possible. These are subsidized programs, provide by us to empower you, so that you can get a high salary job and you will do amazing in your life.
I encourage you to take some time – explore our website as well as youtube channel and read more about our history, our philosophy, our programs and our community. I hope that once you do, you will feel, as I do, that NEHRA CLASSES sees every trainee as a unique individual with great potential.
Founder & Consultant
M.Tech (ECE), B.Tech (EI)